Poop Stocking Stuffer Bath Bombs (set of 9)

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Ok.... what kid doesn’t go crazy over poop🤣 Sure to get a laugh from any age and an enjoyable bath from these 9 cute bath bomb poops!! Available in snowman (White) or Reindeer (3pink, 3blue, 3yellow) Both are fruity scented in amazing skin safe fragrances! On one side it reads: Heard you’ve been naughty so here’s the scoop... all your getting for Christmas is my poop! On the other side it reads: “Merry Christmas” and has to: and from: This item received a best seller badge last year! They sell like crazy 😜 If you buy 12 packs it comes with a free custom printed display box. These pdq displays are free with an order of 2 cases (12 packs) Each display holds 12 packs.