Bath Bomb Sampler 8 (2oz) handmade Bath Bombs

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Perfect for the bath bomb addict! Our bath bomb sampler features 8 of our top-selling scents in our 2 oz sample size. Great as a gift, or as a way to try new bath bomb scents before committing to our more luxurious larger sizes. Enfusia's fizz & foam bath bombs are designed to make every bath beautiful. Each hand made bath bomb combines skin-softening baking soda, moisturizing olive oil, and delightfully rich fragrances to make for your best bath ever. So pick one up today, draw a hot bath, and let all your worries melt away. Contains the following scents: Arabian sandalwood - exotic and rich with warm notes of amber and vanilla that accompany this woodsy scented bath bomb. Eucalyptus lavender - eucalyptus essential oil helps clear your respiratory passages while lavender helps to calm and soothe. A perfect combination.  Hibiscus water as beautiful as a tropical day, our blend of hibiscus flower, papaya and sea foam all layered in a base of white musk create the feeling of an oasis.